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Fused Glass Platter
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Hand Painted Vase
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Necklace Set
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  • Fused glass, fantastic and unique
    Hand painted vases and Glassware,
    limited edition
    Jewelry, fused glass and beaded.......amazing!
    Home Decor and Shawls... Trays
    Gallery Quality Art...Wholesale Prices!...
    Directly from the Artist

    • We have for you...Fused and Hand Painted Glass.

    • Special...Handmade...Fused Pendants...Earrings and Jewelry.

    • Pearls...Tourquoise...Crystal...Amber...Silver and much more!

    • Celebrate! Gift yourself, and those you love.

    • Enhance the enjoyment of your home, with handmade and painted glass.

    • Feather your nest with artistic home decor...trays...vases.

    • Show off your one of a kind style!

    • An extraordinary collection of fused glass, handpainted glass,jewelry,and home decor.

    • Welcome to Artisan's Heart
      Handcrafted Designs for your Heart and Home

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      Julia McMahon Artisan

    • I'd like to take you to some of my favorite places within this site.
      Fused Glass is an adventure for me to do. I am absolutely thrilled with where I can go with this medium of expression. Glass of many types is my passion and to make the combinations and textures that are available to me is just too much fun.
      Handpainted Vases began because of my love for flowers. To capture them on glass, my favorite thing, was a true blessing. These vases are so usable, just to look at, or to be a piece of art to enjoy.
      To be honest I am a jewelry junkie. When I began making my own with fused glass, glass beads and natural stones I was in heaven. Something for me to wear, for any outfit or color I want: Julia's Jewels. Have a ball, we have a large selection!
      All the Handpainted Glass I do is about color and function and beauty. I am a big fan of color and when combined with glass how could you not win. Pitchers, stemware and glassware are there to choose.
      If you are looking for something to carry all that great glass on, we also have Handpainted Trays in different sizes. Many coordinate with the glassware available. I do love to paint.
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